Event Co-Sponsorship

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The GSA has limited funding available to support graduate student initiated events and conferences. Co-sponsorship awards are available in an amount up to $300 per student organization per quarter, with a maximum of $600 awarded per academic year per student organization.


In order to qualify, graduate student organizations must be registered with the Office of Student Life (OSL) and be able to provide an OSL account number. Qualifying graduate student organizations are those who are planning events such as conferences, symposia, lecture series, live performances, or some other event that provides a means for graduate students to enrich their educational experience at UCSB. If you are not sure whether your event will qualify for funding, please contact the VP of Budget & Finances

You may also download the following PDF for more information: Organization Funding Guidelines.

How to Apply

To apply, graduate student organizations must first be registered with the OSL, located on the second floor of the Student Resources Building. Once registered, please download the Co-Sponsorship Application and submit the appropriate paperwork to the GSA Lounge front desk staff or E-mail your application to the VP of Budget and Finance at gsavpbudget@gmail.com.


Applications are due to the GSA VP Budget and Finance (via E-mail or hard copy) no less than five (5) business days prior to the GSA Assembly meeting at which funding will be requested. The GSA Assembly meets regularly every first Tuesday of each month during fall, winter, and spring quarters. Retroactive funding requests must be approved by the GSA Executive Committee prior to presentation at the GSA Assembly, and in general are not allowed.

Priorities for Funding

  • Requests from organizations of graduate students over requests from student organizations with graduate student members.
  • Requests for activities for graduate students over requests, in descending order, for all students (undergraduate and graduate), for the entire campus community (students, faculty, staff, and administrators), or for the local community (Isla Vista, Goleta,Santa Barbara, etc.).
  • Requests that are interdisciplinary, involving different academic departments, over requests involving only one academic department or discipline.

Events and activities not funded by the GSA

  • Single department or single program seminars, colloquia, or other departmental speakers and events that are the normal responsibility of academic units.
  • The regular business meetings of a student organization.
  • Funding requests that are not authored by a GSA member and sponsored by an officially registered student organization or by the GSA Executive Committee.
  • Events and activities that are the on-going responsibility of UCSB administrative units (such as graduate career services, child care,etc.).
  • The GSA Assembly shall not provide funds for speaking fees, performance fees, or any other fees for service to individual UCSB Graduate Students involved in events and activities funded by the GSA.