What We Do

We articulate graduate student concerns to the campus administration and to campus-wide committees which deal with topics ranging from parking and student family concerns  to long- range academic planning.  We publish a yearly document detailing graduate student issues and concerns for the campus community.  The “GSA Action Items Agenda” guides the yearly efforts of the GSA and helps to inform the campus about graduate student concerns, resources and accomplishments.  

Many graduate students, across many disciplines, are involved in helping achieve these goals and discussing future ventures for the GSA of UCSB . All graduate and professional departments are invited to elect one or more representatives to the GSA, depending on the size of the program enrollment (generally it is one representative for every fifty students enrolled in your department, check with our current GSA officers for more information).

The executive officers and the departmental representatives make up the GSA General Council; the GSA General Council meets monthly to provide updates on relevant changes in campus and UC policy, discuss important issues before graduate students, provide information on campus resources and services as well as defining the official position of the GSA on particular issues or concerns. Currently the General Council meetings are held during the first Tuesday of every month.  

We welcome anyone who is interested in becoming involved to please contact any current GSA officer for more information, or suggestions, on how you can get involved.  Involvement in the GSA provides a greater understanding of how the university operates; a chance to affect policy and thereby improve the lives of graduate students; and a way to network with other people outside of your department.

Get Involved

There are a number of ways to be involved in GSA:

  1. Serve as your department’s representative.
  2. Serve on one of the many campus committees that need graduate student representatives
  3. Come to our UCSB GSA Assembly meetings and observe what’s going on (we always have free dinner for everyone who comes to the meetings).

GSA Lounge

The GSA Lounge will be open Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. throughout the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters to students who want a place to relax, study, or hang out. Graduate student groups may reserve the lounge for meetings and events. Graduate students and graduate students’ organizations hold priority in reserving the GSA Lounge. If you are not a graduate student or an active member of a graduate student organization please contact our Vice President of Internal Affairs:gsavpinternal@gmail.com

Stay Updated

The GSA sends out weekly, or bi-weekly, e-mails to keep UCSB graduate students current on campus and system-wide news. The email generally contains details concerning GSA General Council meetings, GSA activities and plans for the year, as well as other news that may affect you as a graduate student at UCSB.  In sum, the GSA General Council works to strengthen the graduate student presence on campus.

To submit an article for the e-mail or announce an event, please send an email to our VP of Communications at: gsavpcommunication@gmail.com. We will try to accommodate everyone, but we cannot guarantee publication.

For more information about GSA, contact us.

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