UCSB GSA Committee Representatives (“GSA Reps”) apllications are processed on a rolling basis.

As an active student organization, the GSA is entitled to sit on a number of committees in order to work on important issues that affect graduate students, such as housing, health insurance, student fees, parking rates, diversity, sustainability, safety, athletics, and teaching awards.

UCSB GSA needs graduate student representatives (“GSA Reps”) to sit on committees and report back to the GSA with the details of the committee, as well as sharing graduate student opinions with the committees. Committees range in time commitment from a few hours per quarter to weekly meetings throughout the year, and reps are paid for their time based on the hours spent with the committee ($50 to $200 per quarter).

You can find here a list of the GSA Committees, including committee positions currently looking to be filled and of GSA Committee Representatives.

To join a committee as a GSA Rep, please contact Amanda Rodriguez at

For a detailed description of GSA Rep duties, please see our GSA Committee Representative Appointment Process and Duties.

If you are interested in serving on particular committees or have any questions, please email the VP of Committees and Planning