Become An Assembly Member


An Assembly Member is responsible for

  • Disseminating important information about new services or events to graduate students in their graduate program
  • Bringing forth concerns or new ideas shared by peer graduates in their Master’s or Doctoral program.
  • Voting in official GSA matters, including appointment of new Executive Officers, approving ballot language for elections, and deciding a course of action during critical events.
  • Attending a minimum of 2/3 of all Assembly meetings per quarter in order to qualify for a departmental rebate.

Sign Up


Graduate students interested in serving as an Assembly Member should download the following PDF document: GSA Departmental Representatives Duties. This explains how to register as an official departmental Assembly Representative.



For departments with less than 50 people, half the graduate students in your department must fill out the form. For departments with more than 50 students, you need at least 26 graduate students to fill out the form.

Gather signatures from your department peers with a Google Form or Print Petition.


  • Use the Google Form to collect signatures. Then contact the VP of Communications at, in order to have the signatures verified.
  • Or download and print the Assembly Member Petition form (below). After you gather the signatures, submit the form in person to the VP of Communications and Records. Simply bring the form with you to your first Assembly meeting.


If you find that graduate research or personal circumstances prevent you from attending one or more Assembly Meetings, don’t despair! Simply appoint a proxy!

To do so, download the document (below). Then...

  • Print, complete, and send with your chosen proxy to the meeting for that night.
  • Or: Deliver the form in person to the GSA Lounge front desk staff at any time prior to the Assembly Meeting.

Substitutes without a proxy form may attend Assembly Meetings to gather information, but will not be permitted to vote, and their presence will not count towards your departmental rebate.

Departmental Rebates

Each graduate program qualifies to select one (1) graduate student per fifty (50) registered graduate students in their program. So long as all of the appointed Assembly Members attend a minimum of 2/3 of the Assembly Meetings each quarter, the department earns $1.00 for each registered graduate student. The rebate is deposited into an Office of Student Life (OSL) account created for the graduate students of that department.

Therefore, it is important to organize yourselves and register at the Office of Student Life. This is the only means by which GSA is authorized to reward Assembly Members for their time of service. In order to access the funds in your account or find out how much money your account has, please contact Coleen Sears at

Register with OrgSync

In addition, if you are an assembly rep already or plan on becoming one, please register with OrgSync. OrgSync is UCSB’s virtual platform for members, officers/admins, and advisors to get—and stay—connected to registered campus orgs.