GSA Executives

2017-18 Overview of GSA Officers and Responsibilities

President: David Stamps

David Stamps is a Ph.D. student in the Communication Department with a focus on media representation and media effects of marginalized and underrepresented communities.  Prior to attending UCSB, David earned his M.A. in Mass Communication from CSUN, and prior, spent several years working in public relations and field marketing for NBCUniversal.  In addition to earning his B.A. in Media from Columbia College Chicago David also teaches hip-hop at Rob Gym and works along side multiple social justice organizations in and around Southern California.

The President is the chief executive officer of the GSA and presiding officer of the GSA Assembly. The President is the official representative and spokesperson for the GSA. 

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Maximilian Stiefel_VPInternal

Vice President, Internal Affairs: Maximilian Stiefel  

Maximilian Stiefel is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Geography. His research interests concern the demography of stress impacts in urban environments. Sustainability and the environment are major focuses of his aside from his academic research. Max is originally from Salt Lake City, Utah and attended the University of Utah for his undergraduate degree.

The Vice President of Internal Affairs (VPIA) is the chief operating officer of the GSA and assists the President in the administration of the internal operations of the GSA. The Vice President of Internal Affairs also assists the President in representing GSA interests in matters of campus infrastructure and capital planning.  

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Vice President, External Affairs: Erin Adamson

Erin is a Ph.D. student in the department of Linguistics with a specialization in socio-cultural linguistics. She received her Bachelor's degree from Spelman College and her Master's from North Carolina State University. Before starting at UCSB, she taught for a couple of years at the college level. 

The Vice President of External Affairs (VPEA) assists the President in representing UCSB Graduate Student interests beyond the UCSB campus and serves as the chief delegate of the GSA in external matters. 

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Erin Adamson_VPExternal

Vice President, Student Affairs:  Jenna Schaal-O’Connor

Jenna is a Ph.D. candidate and lecturer in the department of philosophy, where her research concerns the consciousness of and representation of the physical body. Prior to graduate school, Jenna attended Rutgers University, where she received a B.A. in Cognitive Science, Linguistics, and Africana Studies. She enjoys being outside, climbing rocks, practicing yoga, and otherwise moving. :)

The Vice President of Student Affairs (VPSA) assists the president in representing GSA interests in matters of UCSB student affairs. 

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Vice President, Academic Affairs:  Chad Spensky

Chad is a Ph.D. student in the computer security laboratory (SecLab) here at UCSB.  His research is focused on analyzing and protecting embedded systems (e.g., internet of things devices), as well as eliminating passwords and other inferior methods of authentication.  He earned bachelor's degrees in computer science and mathematics from the University of Pittsburgh in 2008 and a master's degree in computer security from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2010.  Prior to joining UCSB, Chad was a member of the technical research staff at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, where he was involved with various cyber-security-related projects. When he's not doing cutting-edge research, he spends his time playing beach volleyball, dancing to country music, surfing, playing guitar, climbing rocks, exercising, dabbling with roller hockey, cooking, and travelling the world.

The Vice President of Academic Affairs (VPAA) assists the President in representing GSA interests in academic affairs and serves as the primary liaison with the Academic Senate, the Library, and faculty.  

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Chad Spenksy_VPAcademicAffairs

Vice President, Communications and Records: Cierra Raine Sorin

Cierra is a Ph.D. student in the Sociology Department with an emphasis in Feminist Studies, and her current research focuses on consent and community policing within the BDSM community. She also serves as a member of the TA training committee for the Sociology Department, works an anti-sexual violence activist on campus, and is currently a Graduate Teaching Fellow for the "Foundations in the Humanities" Prison Correspondence Program through UCSB's Interdisciplinary Humanities Center. In her spare time, Cierra enjoys playing video games with her fiance James, wrestling with her German Shepherd puppy Lilith, practicing yoga, and expanding her garden. 

The Vice President of Communications and Records (VPCR) is the chief information officer of the GSA and serves as public relations officer and archivist. The Vice President of Communications and Records ensures that GSA Assembly meeting minutes are recorded and published and that copies of the Constitution, By-laws, and enacted resolutions are available to all GSA members. 

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Vice President, Budget and Finance: Luke Rosedahl

Luke Rosedahl graduated from the University of Minnesota in May 2015 with a Bachelor of Biomedical Engineering (magna cum laude): Emphasis Neural Engineering. Here at UCSB, he is a Ph.D. student within the Dynamical Neuroscience department studying human learning and the visual system. For more information on his research, check out his research site at:

In his spare time, he enjoys reading, dancing, working out, hiking, and general exploring with his beautiful wife April.

The Vice President of Budget and Finance (VPBF) is the chief financial officer of the GSA and assists the President in representing GSA interests in the area of campus budget and financial planning. 

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Matthew Fritzler_VPCommitteesandPlanning

Vice President, Committees and Planning: Matthew "Fritz" Fritzler

Fritz is a Ph.D. student in the Sociology Department with an emphasis on Language, Interaction, and Social Organization (LISO). He earned his B.A. in Linguistics from Brigham Young University where he served as the Vice President of the local LGBTQ student organization and arranged outreach and educational efforts with faculty and administration. In his free time, Fritz enjoys board games, dogs, trees, and rainstorms.

The Vice President of Committees and Planning (VPCP) assists the President in promoting a diverse population of UCSB Graduate Student Representatives on UCSB committees and serves as the primary liaison with campus committees, Graduate Student Representatives, and GSA. The Vice President of Committees and Planning is the chief planning officer for all GSA public events. Graduate Students interested in committee service or GSA public events should write to the VP of Committees and Planning.

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